The 2017 CURA medical campaign kicks off in just a few days, and WE NEED YOUR HELP!

We have two last minute, yet urgent needs in order to serve as many patients as possible.

First: Gynecology
We just received word that the Brazilian government will no longer supply our exam tables. We can work around this for all specialties except for Gynecology. We need to purchase 2 tables, at $700 each, for a total cost of $1400.

Second: Dentistry
Our dental program is one of our most overwhelmed specialties provided. We currently have an extreme shortage in the supplies and equipment needed to meet that demand. To continue to be able to increase the number of people we serve (people who walk out beaming with pride in their clean smile, and children who are ecstatic about having their own new toothbrush), we need to increase our supply of instruments.  This increase in supply will decrease the wait time between patients while used instruments are re-sterilized. We have a very specific list of instruments needed, totaling $1100.

If you can donate ANY amount toward these needs, we would be incredibly grateful!
No donation is too small.

NOTE: When checking out, PLEASE use the order notes area to indicate that your donation is for the GYN & Dentistry needs.
For more information please contact us.
Thank you!

CURA Brazil Dentistry Program, Young boy receiving a cleaning

CURA Brazil Dentistry Program, Young girl coming in for a cleaning

CURA Brazil Dentistry Program, Kids learning about their teeth

CURA Brazil, Dentistry Program, New toothbrush