It is the last day of pre-CURA prep before the team arrives tomorrow. It has been a great day! Our our dental supplies have been purchased along with the basic supplies to stock bathrooms and waiting rooms, and all of our medical equipment has been delivered and dispersed!

(The San Angelo team is on their way, but has had their flight to Dallas delayed by an hour. I’m not worried about them making their flight but the luggage will be a separate adventure. Please be in prayer for their passage through immigration and customs as always.)

A little update about our activities here as we prepare for the week…
Last night we were celebrating the 14th wedding anniversary of a local couple in the community. As a result of that celebration, we met a man who runs a local medical screening and safety business located just 6 blocks from the school we will be working in this week. He has offered any and all of his services to us, including transportation back and forth for the patients! He has CT, X-rays, EKG and EEG services. This is an incredible resource, as it will save our patients a huge amount of time and inconvenience as we help them with their medical needs.

God truly moves in amazing ways, and continues to supply everything we need for each individual campaign. His love is unfathomable!

God bless–