The stories I am about to share are why we do what we do. Providing even the most basic level of health care, dental, and eye care can make a huge difference.

Big Hearts = Simple Solutions

A woman came in to the GYN service complaining of pain for over two years. As is often the story in Brazil, she has had many tests but no actual personal exams. She saw us last year and we briefly resolved her problem at that time. On today’s visit, we found a bladder infection and other issues, but all easily solved. She was in tears on completion of the visit due to our willingness to closely listen to her and be interested in who she was.

The CURA Comunidade effort.

CURA Comunidade is our community program that takes care and service directly into people’s homes for those that cannot come to us.  Through this program, we’re able to be present in the community year-round. We don’t only provide medical care, but also do what we can to improve living conditions, which improves the health of the community. Leading our efforts in the community is Monaliza. This is a woman you have to meet to believe. Her energy, even at the end of the day, is amazing. Her heart is huge, and her belief in what we are doing is infectious.  She not only does this job but is also helping with our social media translations and keeps asking if she can do more. Please keep Monaliza in your prayers as she is someone we hope to keep around for a long time.

The student becomes the teacher.

Years ago, during one of Dr. Stephanie Bahlman’s early trips, a young woman named Gabi came to CURA as a volunteer. She met Stephanie and became fascinated with chiropractic practice.  Gabi vowed this is what she wished to do. Through the support and mentorship of Stephanie, she has graduated from Chiropractic school and continues to return to CURA. She plans to move to Spain to complete the certification process that will allow her to practice wherever the Lord calls her.  This week I am witnessing the student become the teacher. There are two more women shadowing Gabi. One is a chiropractic student, the other considering the profession, just like Gabi a few years ago. Watching Gabi in this new part of her life brings both smiles and tears to realize the impact of CURA in so many ways and in so many lives.

Crescimento Limpo

Finally, Washington was at CURA today.  He is an amazing man brought to God and recovery through Mark and Ali Kaiser’s Crescimento Limpo effort. He came to CURA as a patient.  After his experience, he was able to volunteer a few times in our earlier years, and today he returned to bless us as a volunteer once again. Praise God.

We are so blessed in so many ways—thank you for following and supporting us.