It is day 3 of our annual campaign, it is a gorgeous day! This morning it is 48 degrees, with an expected high of 68. We’re riding the high from yesterday — a clinic full of people, smiles amongst the entire staff and volunteer crew, and many blessed patients.

It only took one patient for me to hear the review we receive most often: “I’ve never had anyone actually sit down and talk to me and be sure I understood what is going on.”

We have served over 400 patients so far! We are seeing many Gyn patients, counseling pregnancies, ultrasound-ing all kinds of things, fitting eyeglasses, diagnosing glaucoma and hypertension and diabetes, adjusting backs and joints, cleaning and treating dental disease, training new physicians, counseling the grieving and desperate…

…all with unbelievable care, respect and love. You can hear the excitement from the children’s care ministry from anywhere in the school, and if you are able to follow on Facebook, you can see the incredibly happy faces as documented by Carolyn Miller.

I watched Bruno crying last night as he described how difficult it was for him to say no to requests because we simply cannot do it all. That having been said, it is utterly amazing to watch what God is doing here. I am overwhelmed with the brightness of the eyes, the unending energy of innumerable volunteers, and the true warmth of the hugs from people as they try to express their gratitude.

Just a quick recollection before I will close—I had a sweet lady in the gyn area today who has 9 children, all delivered at home, is 37 years old, and has never had a physician exam, much less a pap smear. When asked why she wanted an exam now, she stated, “my mother and all of my sisters have been coming to CURA for 3 years now. They finally convinced me that I would be treated with love and care, so I’m here.”

I love my job!