2 whole days of CURA are already complete. So much has happened, and yet it feels as though we just arrived. The team is getting incredibly well organized —a testimony to the many hours of preparation and planning on the part of JB, Bruno and Vini.

339 people have already come through CURA’s gate, representing over 500 clinic visits. It continues to amaze me how much these people believe in what we bring to them. Care, respect, and love—3 words that represent so much to those we touch. I cannot begin to thank all the people that serve with us and are willing to reach out using those three principles of human interaction.

Monday was a special day. After the fruit basket turnover in the local and federal government, we had some serious concerns about how we were going to be able to pull off many of our efforts this year. But, as always, God has been in control and things are progressing amazingly well.  In addition to the smooth flow and superb efforts of our volunteers, the Mayor (Prefeito) Guilherme, and Secretary of Education (Secretário de Educaçao) Walmir, paid us a visit.  Despite their many questions preceding the campaign, and despite our doubts about receiving their support, it was rewarding to witness them gazing around at this incredible operation that we love. They were utterly amazed at the expanse of the effort, the efficiencies, and the smiles from those serving, as well as those being served. They seem to have a new respect for what we do and how it benefits their electorate.

From Left: Two local staff members, the Secretary of Education, Walkiria (Volunteer), Phyllis (Board Member), the local Mayor, two local volunteers.

Another special set of visitors yesterday was Erica and Adriano. These folks have been special behind-the-scenes supporters for quite some time. They are local business people and belong to a large international organization called Business Network International (BNI). With their assistance, we have secured local financial support, gotten help with finding and procuring our exam tables, have helped with our patient waiting-room snack bags, and were instrumental in helping the new Secretary of Education understand what we do for the people he serves.

From Left: Adriano, Antenor, and Erica

The stories are many with regards to special patients. There are also many that can be told that would break your heart as to how some are treated within the local health care system. We may gripe about some of the aspects of the current U.S. health system, but it doesn’t take long to really appreciate what we have.

Every once in a while, something really special happens. So far, this year there have been two very special moments:

  • Six years ago, I had the privilege of seeing a young mom who we diagnosed with twins. It was a special time. Each year mom, grandma and the twins return to CURA, despite now living many kilometers away. (Our first contact was when we were operating in Cidade Nova.) They returned again this year and the twins are now 5 years old! Mom and grandma still seek us out to show the twins how big a blessing we have been in their lives. Little do they know that they are a blessing to us when they show up with their warm hugs and big, bright smiles.
  • Yesterday, a gentleman presented, barely able to walk, using an awkward cane to get around. He didn’t know exactly what he wanted or needed. One of the incredible volunteers manning the entrance gate accompanied him to the reception area and it was determined that he might get some benefit from the Chiropractic, Massage and Physical Therapy clinic. Following some extensive therapy, he is now walking with a huge smile on his face and waving his cane around as he does not currently need it.

Left: The twins Doc diagnosed during one of our first campaigns, Jaime and Jaene Sofia – happy and healthy and already 5 years old! Right: Their mom and Doc.

Also joining us this year is Jason Helfer, Executive Chef and owner of Peasant Village Restaurant in San Angelo, Texas.  He has been a tremendous help with CURA Comunidade, our neighborhood outreach that helps repair homes for those in need in the communities we serve. But tonight, he again proved his incredible talents. He has prepared for us two beautiful meals using local ingredients. Not only are we grateful for such delicious meals to enjoy, but we are also able to improve our budget by reducing the number of restaurant meals we’re purchasing.  The downside?  I’m not going to be losing any weight on this trip!

There are many more stories to come.
Until next time, please continue to pray for us.