All I can say is wow and I am so excited for this year’s campaign efforts!

Through the miracles of technology, we now have our tablet and ultrasound probes to allow us to do ultrasound in a never before imagined format–completely portable and small yet with amazing HD pictures. Stacy Cabral, our volunteer ultrasound tech has been working diligently to familiarize herself with it and is providing rave reviews about the pictures she is getting.

Additional blessings have once again arrived in the form of 350 pair of reading glasses, 200 prescriptions and lots of sunglasses. These are all courtesy of the amazing generosity of the glasses ministry of the First Baptist Church in Ferguson, Missouri. One cannot imagine how important sight is until you are unable to see properly. Most of us cannot fathom not being able to have our sight corrected, yet, literally thousands suffer that exact fate in Brazil. Without supporters such as the FBC in Ferguson, we would be unable to be of service to as many people as we are.

Finally, but certainly not the least important new item, is the nasopharyngoscope provided at a steep discount by Optim. The local Brazilian government has asked to assist them in seeing a large number of ENT patients that they simply cannot handle. This scope is an integral part of the exam, and makes it possible for us to fulfill the government’s request.

One of our original students, Karina, is now a fully trained ENT. She will be able to see up to 4 of these patients a week, in the midst of her busy practice, allowing us to now expand to year round provision of services for this, to add to our year round presence in child dentistry, provided by Greicy, a local dentist in ITU.

So, as you say your prayers, please keep us in mind. We continue to grow at a staggering rate and demands continue to be made for more. As we proceed, we are looking into the possibility of building a permanent facility in Itu to allow a more coordinated ability to provide care. Our neighborhood ministries remain a vital part of our outreach, but the expansion into year round services, seems to require that we have a permanent base. This would greatly help dentistry in particular, allowing visiting dentists to assist Greicy in her efforts, and would open up the possibility of our always present dream, to make eye services available year round.

If you are able to contribute financially, we appreciate any assistance you are able to provide.

God bless. There will be more updates as we get closer, and of course lots of news during the campaign week of July 18-22!