At 9:55am Brazil time, I stepped back onto Brazilian soil, rested and at peace after having been prayed over by a gracious group of dear friends as I prepared to board my flight in San Angelo.
By 10:30 I was through Customs and Immigration without a hitch and by 2PM I was unpacked.

All of our gear arrived unscathed! God is good all the time, and it is up to us to grasp that and move forward with confidence, not hesitance. I thank you all for all of your prayers and support as we begin to put on our 8th annual medical campaign here in Itu.

As you think about us this coming week, I ask you to pray continuously. This campaign is much more than an 8-5 Monday-Friday event. It is team members coming together for each other and the patients we will contact; it is forging community relations that will persist year-round, allowing us to further expand our efforts. As a reminder, we are now providing dental and ENT care all year long with hopes and dreams of so much more. Pray that we continue to practice the 3 little words that make up our name — cuidado, respeito e amor — care, respect and love. None of this happens without the community of faith coming together across miles and oceans in support of our greatest calling: love for all!

Thank you, I will be back in touch soon with further exciting updates!


p.s. a special thank you to Thank you to Dr. Alan C. Larsen, Optometrist, for donating supplies to our ophthalmology specialty at CURA 2016! Donations like this make our trip possible!