We’re all just normal humans, doing our best to use our talents and services to serve the greater good. And every single one of our doctors, staff, patients, and volunteers is essential to the fabric that makes up CURA. So in an effort to close the gap that exists between this screen and YOU, we wanted to start sharing some stories about how we found CURA, why we got involved, and what the experience has been like for each of us. And so, we’d like to begin by introducing you to Dr. Stephanie Bahlman.

Tonight I was asked to write a short blog post. “Nothing fancy just short and light.” OK. No problem. Yikes! Where do I begin?

I’ll start with how I came to know about CURA. Second-hand really. I was living in Dallas at the time and was in Chiropractic school. I picked my brother up from the DFW airport after his first campaign. Over dinner as he told me about his experiences, I saw the joy in his eyes, the compassion in his face, and the passion from which he spoke about CURA. I knew I had to be part of this mission.

Since I was in Chiropractic school at the time, I couldn’t leave my instruction and studies for two weeks. So, I waited. For four years. It seemed like forever. But waiting those four long years to have the opportunity to join the mission team was well worth the wait!

Over the past three consecutive campaigns, what CURA means to me has grown and is ever-changing. It is not only an organization that is near and dear to my heart, but also a representation of a culture, a language, and people. People who have become my friends and patients. People whose stories are captured in time through the photos that hang on the walls in my office. People whom I’ve been blessed to counsel, listen to, laugh with, cry with, and be welcomed into their lives. People who have encouraging and extraordinary stories. Stories that I will share with you in other blog posts.

So until then, nothing fancy. Short and light.

Stay tuned!